Posted By: jacktel Avaya ip office - 09/15/22 07:24 PM
Thought i would throw this out there about a call i got from client who was trying to change greeting while main phone answering person was on vacation. He changed 7821 voice prompt but entered a *[star]in front of it and received message that call answering is turned off, now all calls get message that business is closed, and i was trying to check all codes on ip office thinking that t was a simple fix. Could not find anything so im thinking about doing a restore and fixing any changes made to system from that restore point..
Turns out that *7821 is a Comcast code to change answering on all lines, go figure that 2 codes would be almost identical
.I checked Comcast codes after posting this *78 is a do not disturb code
Posted By: dagwoodsystems Re: Avaya ip office - 09/16/22 12:29 PM
Does Comcast always include voicemail on their lines? I could see how that would help their pitch, but it obviously presents a conflict if you already have your own answering device. I assume you had the customer remove that service?
Posted By: jacktel Re: Avaya ip office - 11/23/22 12:43 PM
Sorry for delay in answering, yes had this removed in comcast feature code.
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