Posted By: smithdj phones not forwarding to voice mail - 06/25/14 12:30 PM
We recently inherited a customer that has a Cisco UC540. We set up an account with Cisco and downloaded the newest release of the CCA software and have been able to take care of most of the customers request.

Recently, they requested that we move a phone from their copy room to an office for a new employee to use (didn't want the expense of purchasing a phone). We moved the phone and needed to create a mailbox for it. Logged into the CUE as the administrator and created the mailbox and assisted the user with setting up his voice mail. When started making test calls, we found that the calls were not going to voice mail. I have checked everything in the settings and don't see anything that affects this. Does anyone know of anything that i may be overlooking?

Thanks in advance!
Posted By: Keep Re: phones not forwarding to voice mail - 08/06/14 07:01 PM
I know this is a month or so late, but check that the extension has a user associated with it. You can set everything up, but if there is no user it won't push the to vm.

In the CCA, pull up the ext and look at the boxes on the mid upper right.
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