Posted By: ThePhoneConnection Cisco SPA 112 - 05/23/19 03:13 PM
My customer has a Cisco SPA 112 that everyday they need to reboot it anybody have that same issue in the past?
Posted By: telecom guy10 Re: Cisco SPA 112 - 06/01/19 03:25 PM
What exactly is the problem they are having? The SPA112 is a SIP analog gateway. Why are they rebooting?

This could be many different issues.

- Loss of SIP registration preventing outbound/inbound calls
- Packet loss on network causing dropped or garbled calls

I could go on and on.
Posted By: Biztel Cuban Okie Tech Re: Cisco SPA 112 - 06/05/19 04:56 PM
Is the SPA set for dynamic or static ip? Also is it having registration issues?
Posted By: ThePhoneConnection Re: Cisco SPA 112 - 06/07/19 05:51 PM
Actually it is connected to a Viking CTG-2A that sends bells alerts for classroom times. Come to find out the CTG-2A Relay Audio Output was causing the intermittent issue.
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