Posted By: LinuxTech SoundStation2 - Cable Length - 06/19/19 07:48 PM
We are moving our office to a new building and the owner doesn't want the power supply on or beneath the conference room table.
We have an IP ATA in the server room. We plan to extend the analog phone line to the conference room and land it on a wallplate next to a power outlet for the powersupply. Then run a cat6 cable in that same wall plate to jack on the conference room table. The length will probably be 30 feet of cat6.

IS this ok? I have solved this problem this way before without issue. Has anyone else run into this same issue?

Posted By: Daniel Re: SoundStation2 - Cable Length - 06/20/19 01:40 AM
We had one that was located in the telecom room, and the unit was in the conference room. the cat5e that extended it was at least 100 ft.
Posted By: LinuxTech Re: SoundStation2 - Cable Length - 06/20/19 01:17 PM
I thoghtt 100 feet of cat 5e or cat 6 would be pretty generous. I hoping for some professional input. We would be going 50 Ft max to the powersupply. Polycom support does the CYA thing and says you should only use our console cables because than you can't plug it in to the wrong equipment. Which makes sense.

Thank you.
Posted By: Professor Shadow Re: SoundStation2 - Cable Length - 06/20/19 02:32 PM
Easy enough to test ahead of time. Make your cable the length you want and test it in the warehouse/backyard/alley/IT Dept.
Posted By: jsaad Re: SoundStation2 - Cable Length - 06/20/19 11:25 PM
I've done this multiple times, Cat5e, Cat6, no issue at 140 ft.
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