Posted By: Al Rivas sbx 4024 phone - 09/14/22 01:38 AM
Hey guys....

Can a sbx 4024 phone work with a summit 100 system ?
Posted By: Ted Re: sbx 4024 phone - 09/22/22 10:15 PM
Yes it will. I seem to remember it lacked a couple of features, but mostly it worked.
Posted By: EV607797 Re: sbx 4024 phone - 09/22/22 11:39 PM
Just remember that the SBX digital phones use the second pair (black/yellow), so they won't just plug into the Summit. They will need to be cross connected where the transition can be made.
Posted By: Al Rivas Re: sbx 4024 phone - 10/22/22 02:54 AM
Thanks guys smile
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