Posted By: BenG No Dial Tone VoIP - 11/05/08 06:21 PM
I was hoping someone could shed some light on what might be going on with my system. We recently switched from AT&T phone service to Comcast business. I was told their system is all over thier cable network and all calls wil be coming from VoIP network.
The problem: When someone calls the phone just rings and rings with nothing on my end. Also, i cannot make calls out. Needless to say im losing business and the technicaian who installed system wa here almost whole day before he left. They are sending someone else tomorrow but wanted to know if anyone had heard of this or might know what problem might be. I'm more concerned about getting my business going than anything so any info. i can pass down to techs. will be appreciated.
System we have: Mitel SX 50.
Also, first tech said i needed to reprogram or upgrade system so im really trying to avoid that, esp. since it was working before.
Posted By: TDS Re: No Dial Tone VoIP - 11/06/08 03:54 AM
Get a mitel Tech there ASAP before the tv repairman does any thing else.
Posted By: Dane Re: No Dial Tone VoIP - 11/06/08 08:21 AM
If your dial tone is coming in over Comcast then I am assuming they installed some equipment to make it compatible with your phone system. TDS is right - you need a Dr. House not a Dr. Doolittle to figure this out.
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: No Dial Tone VoIP - 11/06/08 08:55 AM
Reprogramming MAY be required, but it shouldn't be necessary, IF Comcast did their homework. Obviously they didn't. I suggest you go back to a REAL phone company, AND call a Mitel tech to sort out the problems.
Either that or tell your Comcast rep that he had better give you a written letter saying that Comcast will reimburse you all costs for the Mitel tech and lost business, SIGNED BY HIS/HER SUPERVISOR. You won't get it, and that will hopefully point out the folly of not using a REAL phone company, supervised by the F.C.C. frown John C.
Posted By: MitelGuy Re: No Dial Tone VoIP - 11/07/08 05:22 AM
Well, seeing that you have an SX-50, I have to assume that the fact that they are a VoIP network really doesn't matter. They have to be converted to either LS or GS to interface to your system. That said, take a test set or even a single line phone and see if you can make calls that way. If they're GS, you'll need to manually ground the ring lead for a brief second to draw dial tone. Then try the same call that fails over the phone system and see what you get.
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