Ok both me and the vendor researched this for at least 2 hours today.

System is a Mitel 3300 Mxe.

We have the advanced voicemail, and there are the system greetings, one for day, one for night. Thats all fine. However we want to ramp up the voicemail to be a little more professional. That said, how exactly do you change settings on the main greetings other than the greetings themselves?

Right now, it plays the system greeting, options are 0 for the operator, or 9 for directory. If no buttons are pressed, it "transfers" to operator...wait...wait..operator is not available (night mode), then goes to operator voicemail.

What we want is a cleaner setup - want something very basic like:

Press 0 for operator
Press 1 for business hours
Press 2 for assistance with (blah)....
Press 3 for assistance with (blah)....
Press 9 for Directory
Press 4 to leave a message (with no dump to operator)

I don't want it to auto-dump to the operator extension or anything like that. Is there any way to accomplish this?

The only thing I read and the vendor's tech said for the first couple options, just create single digital mailboxes, but the problem is they don't fall back to the main greeting after playing informative stuff, like biz hours, and it doesn't answer the fall back to operator question.

Well I am not a 3300 guy but it seems to me if you set the operator extension of the mailboxes you want to revert to the main greeting to the pilot number of the VM hunt group it should ring back there. If you don't want to dump anything to system attendant then just set up the main operator extension as a mailbox without an extension associated with it and you can also send your "press 4" above to the same place.
Your best bet is to use the vmail and the pbx featues together, to accomplish the desired effect.
If the operator is not available, make sure the rerouting tables are set up to direct the calls properly.
Also, be sure to set the mailboxes to the appropriate type (mesage only, transfer only) so you can get the calls routed properly.
(Bear with me this system is completely new to me)

They have a DID entry for our main number in the call rerouting table that simply calls the voicemail hunt group at night. During the day it tries the operator and I think does not fall back to voicemail if it's not answered (not exactly how we wanted it).

I guess I'm struggling here because its hard to tell exactly where a call is bouncing to - I wish it had some kind of monitor to watch like our old system did.
If you're in (day service) or night service, and you dial '0', what happens to the call??
That's all that the vmail is doing?!?!?!?
Is there any way to call voicemail internally to test this without it going into my own mailbox?
Yep - if I call our main # during the day, it goes to operator and rings endlessly.

If the system is in night mode, it goes to VM hunt group, thats it. From there the day or night system greeting plays and thats where I'm confused in how to take over. For example, if I want to have a business hours "information only" box, I can make that mailbox 1, but then when it finishes the message, it immediately prompts the caller to transfer to a different extension, even if I have the operator extension programmed to say, go to my phone at x6401.

I'm assuming what's missing is some way to call voicemail directly to a menu box, like 123*7000 (for mailbox 7000) or something like that.
pm sent!!
fifty5footer, thanks for your help!! Inadvertantly I think I understand what the issues are/were.

For future reference if anyone sees this thread, it was 3 things that were screwing me up:

1. Configuration - operator rerouting wasn't set right.

2. To create options off the "system greeting", simply create single digit mailboxes (1..2...3..)

3. To keep the call from falling through to the operator, create a "press x to leave a message" option. If no buttons are pressed it will fall through to the operator (not sure if there's a way to change this). You can change the operator's mailbox to the same mailbox as the one you have as the menu option.

4. Information only mailboxes do not work properly from the system greeting, only from a menu node. If you branch an info mailbox from the system greeting it will play a transfer prompt after the greeting. There may be ways around this but for now, who knows. Easiest would be to create a menu node then branch from there. (press 2 for hours..beep...pres 1 for hours, 2 for directions)
Orion3311 this is the kind of "fixed" feed back we like to see here all for the benifit of future user problems.
Well done.
No problem! I always find the same frustration with forums - someone corrects the problem but never posts the solution, so I make a point to try to post when I find a fix.
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