Posted By: OceanJeff35 Missing First Three Rings SX50 - 11/17/08 04:08 PM
Hi all, I work at the Ocean Shores Quality Inn in Washington State (Northwest).

We are having a problem with our Mitel SX50 phone system, and we are under new ownership/management also...

First off, the first three rings are usually not being registered on our console, in other words, to the outside caller, it rings three times before we hear their fourth ring, which on our side, is the first ring....

Before the problem escalated to this point, the first three rings were registering on our end, and that was not a problem, but the next ring would always register as a new call, in other words if we let it ring three times, it would appear the caller hung up, but really they were still waiting for us to answer, then it would start ringing again, like it was a new caller, but really the caller experienced four or five rings...

Sometimes we recieve the alarm, 'eqp bsy', and other times we get 'no trunk current'.

We have recently figured out quite a lot about this phone system, we loaded the default data by shutting it off and toggling switch 1, and this doesn't appear to have solved the problem. I am guessing that a circuit board is blown somewhere or that something else is physically wrong with one of the boards, or more than one....any help with this would be greatly appreciated.

I believe the owner is considering calling a tech to visit the property, but I also think that it's not a mitel tech, but a phone tech (qwest), will this help?

thanks again,

jeff cummings
Posted By: daniel0581 Re: Missing First Three Rings SX50 - 11/17/08 05:35 PM
It sounds like it could be a trunk card to me. Is it just on that one line or on all calls. Also your best bet is going to be a qualified Mitel tech that will come out a general phone man may not beable to help you.

Posted By: OceanJeff35 Re: Missing First Three Rings SX50 - 11/17/08 07:05 PM
ok, thanks, that confirms my suspicions. We've been playing with it tonight, and the extensions are all messed up...scrambled. We can't call extensions, can't use the night function, can't figure out which extension is calling the desk, just a whole bunch of stuff is not working.

I will recommend that a Mitel Tech come out to the hotel to the manager.

Thanks again,

jeff cummings
Posted By: Dane Re: Missing First Three Rings SX50 - 11/17/08 07:25 PM
Well I think resetting the phone system may have caused some of your problems. The best bet is to pay a good Mitel tech for a couple of hours to get you squared away.
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: Missing First Three Rings SX50 - 11/18/08 01:36 PM
What Dane said. When you toggled switch 1 you loaded the default program. Only a MITEL tech will have a clue what to do now. And expect 6-8 hours, because he is going to have to figure out extension port versus room. And that will require him AND a warm body that can reliably follow instructions! And a LOT of other stuff. Don't suppose you have a copy of the original program? Make sure you get one when the tech is done! frown John C.
Posted By: Lightning horse Re: Missing First Three Rings SX50 - 11/18/08 01:39 PM
As to the original problem, did the motel change phone line provider just before the 3-ring delay started? You might want to make the Mitel tech aware of it if you did. John C.
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