Posted By: westerntelephone SX 200 Lite - 12/02/08 12:04 PM
Never worked on one I don't think. Do they work off floppies? Does it program like 200D?
Posted By: DrPbx Re: SX 200 Lite - 12/02/08 12:40 PM
Pretty much just like a 200D, as far as forms go. No floppies, thank goodness. Just a PCMCIA memory card. Hope this helps.
Posted By: fifty5footer Re: SX 200 Lite - 12/02/08 01:09 PM
The 200 Light uses 3.5' floppy drives, just like the SX200D. In fact, when they're brand new, the diskettes will work in either system. The SX200ML was the first config. to use the PCMCIA memory card.
Either way, it's still 'installer' default password, form 1, form 9, blah, blah, blah!!
Posted By: westerntelephone Re: SX 200 Lite - 12/04/08 04:31 AM
Thanks, guys. I didn't realize the info was in my ML/EL manual.
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