Posted By: Telephone Tech2 T52S / T53W EHS - 07/20/20 02:46 PM
I am attempting to get a Jabra Pro 920 working using the USB to EHS on these phones. I am using the Jabra harness that comes with the EHS module. I cannot get the Pro 920 to connect reliably. Sometimes it will control on-hook/off-hook from the headset and sometimes it will not. Also there is no ring tone over the headset. I have spent hours messing with this. There is no rhyme or reason to when it connects properly and when it doesn't. FRUSTRATING!!!!
Posted By: hitechcomm Re: T52S / T53W EHS - 07/20/20 06:36 PM
I have had problems with Jabra and Yealink. Don't know why......
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