Linksys WiFi Consumer Routers

Posted By: dexman

Linksys WiFi Consumer Routers - 02/27/19 05:05 PM

Thought I would try posting a question here...

At the Church I attend, I installed three Linksys EA6500, two EA6900 and two RE9000s to extend Internet coverage into key areas. Because this is a opposed to a traditional business...the needs are pretty basic.

The two RE9000s were used to replace older vintage Linksys equipment (WT54s) that were located in offices, so, router features are not required.

My question pertains to the EA units...

Does anyone who might be familiar with Linksys consumer products, know if it is possible to allow devices that are connected to the routers (either via Ethernet cables or wirelessly) access to other devices that are upstream if said EA devices are provisioned as routers as opposed to running in Bridge Mode (operating as access points) ponder

What I am trying to do is allow connected devices the ability to print to either of the Church's printers. The printers are located in a specific part of the building and are connected to the Verizon DSL modem. One is connected via Ethernet cable and the other via Wi-Fi.

The catch is, I would like to accomplish this while operating the EAs as routers as opposed to access points. Part of the reason is that the EA6900s have a known software bug. If you use the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi system (URL or app), EA6900s cannot be accessed (they appear as offline) when operating in Bridge Mode. The 6900 is discontinued, so, it is doubtful that Belkin will release any sort of patch to resolve the issue.

I can live with running everything operating as access points (which is what I have been doing for the past month). Being able to run the units in some sort of hybrid configuration would be that much better. smile

All "fixed" devices have been assigned static IP addresses, so, they won't be changing anytime soon.

I did post this question over on the Linksys community forum. I actually posted the question about a week ago, but, due to an over aggressive spam filter, I had to contact a moderator to get the question to appear out in the open.
Posted By: dexman

Re: Linksys WiFi Consumer Routers - 02/28/19 04:17 AM

2nd level Linksys support Emailed me back. Looks like it isn't going to happen. The only way to allow connected devices to communicate with non-connected devices is run the EAs in Bridge mode and forgo any control over connected devices. frown
Posted By: Professor Shadow

Re: Linksys WiFi Consumer Routers - 02/28/19 04:32 AM

Yes, I could have told you that, but I didn't know it until your second post.

Sorry I couldn't get back to you earlier.
Posted By: dexman

Re: Linksys WiFi Consumer Routers - 02/28/19 01:26 PM

Meh, I gave 2nd level something to do. grin
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