Posted By: teldata1 NVM 2000 VS Voice Support - 09/23/20 11:11 AM
I have a customer trying to hold onto there 704-I-Series phone system for a few more months ...(I guess). They a have a Voice Support voice mail (CTL) and they think that its on its way out
They are looking for a replacement that will hold them over for a while I have a NVM 2000 that seems to be working fine my question is can I load the data base from one to the other they have lots of greetings and names

does anyone still remember this stuff

Posted By: Coral Tech Re: NVM 2000 VS Voice Support - 09/28/20 10:33 PM
Whew, it's probably DOS. CTL is still is business I think. Pretty sure you can but need floppy disks? Depending how big it may not be worth the effort.
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