Posted By: U-TEL-US CICS upgrade & cp question - 11/03/08 02:10 PM
we have a CICS 4x8 can you get key codes to upgrade to a 4x16 or is this done only by changing out the flash memory card .

I have a older version of c/p 150 and it works fine on a old 128 (8x24) I have in my shop.. but have a cust. whose nam is failing so was wondering if I got them a cp 150 to work with their older system until they upgrade to a mics ,I understand Nortel blocked the newer version of c/p working with the older KSU's . Is this correct and can it be undone? tks.
Posted By: rich30529 Re: CICS upgrade & cp question - 11/03/08 06:00 PM
I would consider upgrading the CICS to 7.1 SW. If you have a CP 150 you should have no problem with it on the CICS.

You can (if you choose) get the Key Codes to expand the current system. However, it may or may not be cost effective to do so. An upgrade to 7.1 will give them a lot more bang for the buck.
Posted By: vad60 Re: CICS upgrade & cp question - 11/03/08 06:19 PM
You have to have Rel.4.1 to properly integrate with CP 150.
Posted By: U-TEL-US Re: CICS upgrade & cp question - 11/03/08 08:06 PM
thanks for the info on the upgrade Richard and you are probably correct about just going to a 7.1 --- Question #2 was for a totally different customer.
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