Posted By: jmics Call Pilot language update - 11/04/08 01:22 PM
I have a Call Pilot 3.1 which came with Australian and UK English languages. Neither of those choices are useful to me, so I fired up the Language utility from the 3.1 software CD. I was able to replace Australian with US English, but attempting to replace the UK English it went to about 60% and popped a message like "could not create the directory". Any clue of how to fix that ? Subsequent to that message I did a reinstall, but the message continues to come up.
Posted By: sentrex1 Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/04/08 02:40 PM
have you checked to see if you have all the current patches
Posted By: Yanick Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/04/08 04:28 PM
The best way to upgrade and/or change language if you have a laptop with PCMCIA slot: insert the software card in your PC, delete every file you see (don't worry, you won't delete the messages and MB, they are in a hidden sector) with CTRL+A and replace them with the same files you keep on your upgrade PCMCIA card, that will include the languages you normally use (I'll presume English and Spanish).

Take it out of your PC, put it in CP and reboot... voilà!

I think the problem you may be having is that the default language is hard-coded, meaning it is a UK intended call pilot. You can change the Alternate to whatever you feel. You may have to return it to get a US version.
Posted By: vad60 Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/04/08 05:19 PM
Just make sure your Windows Firewall turned off. I had the same problem until I killed it.
Posted By: jmics Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/04/08 09:33 PM
I am running version on the CP.

How can I tell if there are updates or patches missing, and how can I get them ?

Is there such a thing as hard-coded pcmcia cards ? The language utility on the 3.1 CD seems to indicate that you can select any two languages you like. Is that not true ?
Posted By: vad60 Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/05/08 01:59 AM
That is true. one of the latest one so all updates and patches are there.
Posted By: telemarv Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/05/08 01:55 PM
The Mods have been reviewing your posts and questions.

You have repeatedly shown very limited knowledge of Nortel products. I think it's time to open the books/take a course. Tech Talk is not here to teach you to be a Nortel technician. This is an end user and basic installer forum only.

I hope you are not charging for the services you are providing. If you are, it very unprofessional to call yourself a Nortel telephone technician.
Posted By: jmics Re: Call Pilot language update - 11/05/08 04:47 PM
I'm not clear on what knowledge I might acquire from a course that would address this issue. The software is being run per the instructions in the manual, but not functioning as advertised. An error message which is neither documented nor dealt with in the troubleshooting section of the manual appears, and there is no indication of how to resolve this other than to ask who else has encountered this, and how they resolved it.

Such a question certainly deserves a courteous response. Any end user or basic installer could reasonably ask this question and not be expected to know the answer.
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