Have a customer that has lost access to the web based callpilot manager. I wasn't able to see anything to reset this service, and when I tried to connect direct to the BCM's IP, the webpage doesn't come up either.

I rebooted the system with no effect. Has anyone experienced this or know what the issue might be?

I am going to eliminate their PC and network next time, but think there is little chance this is causing the issue.

Thanks for any help!
What are the status lights doing? Are they binking, green or amber color? Try connecting to the admin port. You could have dead hard drive.
Thanks for your reply Michaelq.

The status lights went solid green (I am 70% sure) after the reboot.

AA and mailboxes are working, so Can I assume HDD is OK? (I assume the AA use the HDD)

I need to get back to test connected direct to BCM
Use the admin port to log in to. I had a customer who pressed the reset button on bottom of the main unit. It made the BCM50 go to default. I didn't have a back up of the system. I had to reprogram the whole system from scratch. Always do a back up!
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