Posted By: Mickamg CICS to MICS Upgrade...Can I copy settings? - 11/19/08 08:44 AM
I have a customer who is moving from a CICS to an MICS due to increasing telephones and lines. Can I use NRU 10.0 to do some kind of backup on the CICS, then restore to the MICS, to avoid re-programming the bulk of it?
honestly it only takes about 20 min to prog cics..
He's going FROM a CICS to a MICS and it'll take more time than 20 minutes to do ALL the programming including the sets, assuming he wants to do a good job for the client.... smile
If all the sets were the same type, if all the ringing were the same/close, if there was no PRi, if there were no hunt groups, if there was no extensive speed dial list, if the numbering plan was already three digit, then it might not be so much time.

When do we ever get that lucky? If this is a flat rate job then you have to figure it in, if it is Time and Materials, then you get lucky.
Thanks guys, I guess!

It will probably be T&M with a "good customer" discount. I have just never had this scenario with the Norstar, and didn't want to assume anything. I'll just get the current settings, and finger-bone them into the new switch! Thanks again!

What I normally do when possible is pre-program the KSU on the bench here, so it's a quick change over in the field.... smile
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