Posted By: rvalente80 Call Center Reporting - 12/01/08 09:10 AM
I recently installed the Nortel Call Center Reporting software for a customer. When I left, it seemed to be running just fine, however, he says that it isn't working correctly. Apparently every couple of hours when he tries to run a report, he gets a "this page cannot be displayed" message. If he goes and restarts IIS, it works fine. Has anyone else ever had a problem like this and have a possible solution to it? He has a Call Pilot 150 w/ 3.1 software and the MICS is running XC7.0. Thanks.
Posted By: pts technician Re: Call Center Reporting - 12/02/08 05:46 PM
Sounds like something on the machine with the IIS, got updated. Make sure the java is 1.42.0 (I think), firewall is off. Have the customers IS person look at the PC.
Posted By: rvalente80 Re: Call Center Reporting - 12/05/08 08:38 AM
I think he did do some updates on IIS when he installed it. Basically, he should then re-install IIS and not do any of the updates to it, right?
Posted By: pts technician Re: Call Center Reporting - 12/08/08 09:21 AM
That's what I would do & yes, don't upgrade the computer at all.
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