Posted By: joehawkins Panasonic KXtd612 - 11/01/08 02:58 AM
Hi All

I am anLG engineer and know nothing about panasonics really. Can someone explain to me in laymans terms the programming involved just to make an extension ring on external lines?

I have looked in program 452? And i get stuck when asked for jack number?

A step by step guide to making an ext ring or adding it to a ring group would be great as i have no manual.

Many thanks

Posted By: KLD Re: Panasonic KXtd612 - 11/01/08 07:54 AM
welcome Joe!

I am not familiar with the KXTD612 here in the USA.

The jack number probably would be the port number.

We have several folk from your side of the pond who may be able to help you.

Same in the Samsung thread.

Good luck, enjoy the BB, and keep your sense of humor about you.
Posted By: OBT Re: Panasonic KXtd612 - 11/01/08 01:26 PM
Hi Joe, the 612 is different from any other panasonic programming.

first you have to find what handling table the ddi is pointed to

Look under speed dial- handling table 001
oo1 -499 are speed dial 500 up is ddi translation table. check there for the number you want to ring on the extension and note speed number.
then go to prog 024 and enter speed number , it will show 2 numbers one is day table and second is night.
now you can go to prog 452 and enter jack number, this is normaly the last 2 digits of extension, you can check by pressing program 996 on phone, it will show you the jack and extension there you will have a handling table number, press # plus table number, then press auto answer to select enable, then press store.

after all that if no numbers are entered in prog 001 - location 500 up then handling table 61 is day and 62 is night mode for non ddi ringing.

I hope this is ok as it is a while since I did one of these, through the handset anyway.
Posted By: simonedwards Re: Panasonic KXtd612 - 11/25/08 05:38 AM
I've inherited a Panny KX-TD612 as well, but I dont have the programming software for it.

Is ther anywhere where I can download the programming software from?... I've searched high and low on the net and can only find user guides etc, but no software.

Please help !!
Posted By: OBT Re: Panasonic KXtd612 - 11/25/08 11:40 AM
All programming can be done through the main handset, you would need a pc with a built in comms port as the usb to serial port wont work on the 612.
I might have the tool on disk, do you have a pc with a serial port on board as most laptops dont any more
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