Posted By: DAVE_1966 KX-T7433 connecting paralel analog phone - 11/02/08 12:54 PM
I have digital phone system and using Panasonic kx-t7433 phones. I tried to connect analog phone to jack behind digital phone , which says "tel".
is it possible, that both phones work like regular parallel phones ....i mean that both phone ring and to hear conversation from both phone.
I'm not sure you understand the parallel telephone philosophy. If they're connected in parallel, they will ring simultaneously, but you cannot use them simultaneously (hear conversations from both phones). If you activate XDP, you can use them simultaneously, but they are separate extensions, so you still cannot hear the same conversation unless they are part of a conference call.
what are you trying to achieve? you can either have them on the same extension number and only one be used at any one time, IE if you were in a call on the 7433 then went off hook with the analogue you would hear that conversation OR you can have them as seperate extension numbers then they would be capable of handling their own calls seperately.
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