Posted By: Dalavar TDA600 and DuVoice - 11/10/08 03:16 PM
Anyone used a DuVoice voicemail with a TDA600 or 100/200? Thinking about doing an estimate for a 120 room Hotel. I think I can do Panasonic alot cheaper than I can a Mitel but I don't think the Panasonic Vmail would work as well as the DuVoice.
Posted By: mainframer Re: TDA600 and DuVoice - 11/10/08 03:31 PM
if you don't need bells and whistles
hang a tvs 300 on there.
Posted By: Dalavar Re: TDA600 and DuVoice - 11/10/08 04:17 PM
What I like about the DuVoice is the ease of use for the patrons of the Motel it is super simple to set your own wakeup and I can assign guest mailboxes so they can't change greetings and passwords.
Posted By: mainframer Re: TDA600 and DuVoice - 11/11/08 11:42 AM
Thats what I liked about the Covoice same same.Well then just setup inband analog vm hunt
group I gotta say that duvoice has a cut cheat
sheet for panasonic inband integration.Main
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