Posted By: Bopper TVS 50 external modem - 11/26/08 11:36 AM
Does anyone know the AT commands to send to an external modem hooked up to a TVS 50? The Panasonic tech web site just states you need input AT commands.I need to have Panasonic reset the admin PW. The modem is a US Robotics V.92. Also, does anyone know the dip switch settings on the modem? Done WWW searches but come up empty. Modem answers but I don't see the SD LED respond to any key strokes. Using Procomm and setup for VT100, 9600,N 8,1.

Thanks in advance
Posted By: MrGemini Re: TVS 50 external modem - 11/26/08 02:54 PM
I would 1st make sure that the RS232 parameters for the TVS50 are indeed at default. 9600, 8, N 1
Do this in the TVS 50 by setting dip switch 1 to on and the others should all be off. Unplug the TVS50, wait a minute or 2 and plug it in.
Give it a few minutes to boot up.
What system is this connected to?
Posted By: brokeda Re: TVS 50 external modem - 11/26/08 03:15 PM
US Robitics are hard to use in this app
Pick up a used Hayes Accura 33 or 56k v34 v90.
You can get them on E Bay for 10 bucks. These work great on tvs and kxtd systems.
Then try ATQ0s0=1&w0&y0. this puts modem in dumb mode, auto answer in 1 ring and saves in the w and y profiles. Remember to AT&F first.
If you find info on US Robitics modem set switches to not echo commands, auto answer,
and save profile, but you may still need an At command string.
Posted By: Bopper Re: TVS 50 external modem - 12/01/08 06:24 AM
Originally posted by MrGemini:

What system is this connected to?
It's a TD1232.

I'm going to initilize the VM and be done with it. Only six mailboxes and two custom service prompts that I can have the customer re-record.

Thanks for the replies.
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