Posted By: kenny thomson prime line for fax - 07/21/09 08:46 PM
I have a kxt 1232 and need one of three single line ports to go out on a specfic trunk. like a prime line, for a fax. the other two single line phones dial 9 and go out over different trunks.
Is this posable? I tried hooking up a propriatry
phone and set it a prime line but this did not cary over to the single line jack.
Posted By: 94astro Re: prime line for fax - 07/21/09 11:15 PM
You could set that single line extension to "hot line" to the trunk group that you want.

If you want the fax to always grab line 5 for example, and line 5 is in trunk group five, then have that extension hot line to 85 (85 is the code to grab trunk group 5).

Look up hot line in the user manual, there's a code to set it on an extension.
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