Our customer has a 6 year old TDA50G that had multiple digital station ports that quit working.
On Aug 10th 2 consecutive ports on the second 5172 station card quit working X117-118.
No display on the phones, no lights would work except the MW light would stay on.
Replaced the card with new and they worked fine.

Two weeks later one of the ports on the first 5172 card quit working X101.
Same as above.

Now two more weeks later one of the original ports that quit working on the second card, quit again X118.
Total time this port worked after card was replaced was about 4 weeks.

These ports themselves quit working and do not work when a phone is plugged directly into the 5172 card RJ11 station ports.

These extensions are serviced by a 4 year old underground cable and reside about 350ft away from the KSU in a different building.
This cable does have lightning protection on each end of the cable and is run in conduit between the buildings.

I plan to examine the the cable terminations and test resistance on these pairs on my next trip out.

I was mainly interested in finding out if the 50G systems have any history of station port issues as they got older.

We installed a number of these 50G systems through the years and so far have never had a port go bad on any of the others.

I do not see any corrosion on either of the original 5172 boards or connectors but there was some dust inside the cabinet.

Any suggestions would be Much appreciated! Thank You!
Were there any reports of voltage spikes on the AC line, recent thunder/electrical storms?

I would check the DC of the power supply to make sure there is no AC/DC ripple or the regulator is failing and it's output is over voltage.
We have had some storms in the area but they had no other electrical issues with any other electronic equipment. I will check the power supply when i go there tomorrow. Thank You!
I checked the PS voltage today and output was steady at 39.75.
My spare PS measured the same output voltage.
Incoming AC Line voltage is 122.6

I switched pairs for this extension on the house cable.
I pulled up the TDA50/G Installation manual to first check the allowable distance for wiring.

The smallest figure quoted for using "other" PTs or a DSS Console is 458ft using 26AWG wire, so you are definitely good there.

Is the conduit steel, or PVC? Is it possible water could have entered the conduit and caused damage? Is there anything else run in the conduit besides telephone pairs? Hopefully there is nothing over 24 volts.

You might consider ringing out the pairs in the conduit to check for oddly high resistance as well as intermittently shorting pair(s).

Check the static/lightning protection unit closest to the PBX. Repeated static, spikes, and electrical activity hits will weaken the MOVs in surge protection units over time and eventually break them down.

Give it the "smell" test for burned parts as well as physical inspection.

If all this checks out to be okay, I think you may have to call Panasonic support. Have your Dealer ID # handy.

Unfortunately in a few more months the world of Panasonic PBX systems will end. I have no idea how dealers will continue to support existing product after the final cut off date.
Thank You!
Conduit is PVC and the Cable is direct burial.
Could not tell if any water had infiltrated the conduit.
Nothing else besides this cable in the conduit.
I tested continuity across pairs and also did Not smell anything burnt.
I switched pairs on the suspect extensions and am hoping for the best.
Posted By: BTS01 Re: TDA50G Multiple Bad Digital Station Ports - 09/28/22 01:18 PM

Panasonic dealers will/can continue to support product, so not sure what you mean. Panasonic has committed to tech support until 2030, which is more than most companies with many different products. I believe the extended warranties will be honored until 2027 (can't find my documentation to confirm that date). Take a look back that the product line they (and other manf's) have discontinued and (dealers), companies have still been "supporting existing product" for years. Nortel is a prime example. Just think your statement is a little confusing.

Seems I missed that particular information in a Panasonic Dealer Bulletin.

I'm not sure though at what level Panasonic will make repairs if parts aren't available. I had a KX-TVA50 serviced before it was announced that PBX products would be discontinued.

They wanted to know if I wanted to simply "scrap" this TVA50 instead of having it repaired. I pointed out that the LAN card was no longer listed on the parts list......

Where would I source another new card at a reasonable price if the whole unit was scrapped?
Reach out in this forum. Then I might be inclined to walk next door and pull out the Panasonic parts from storage.

I have a couple of units pulled from service.

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