I gotta disagree with you on giving them manuals and such. They own what they bought from you IMO they have every right to have all the information that is available for it. If you purchased something highly technical in nature and the service guy said, "I'm not gonna let you change how I set it up because you aren't smart enough to understand it" I bet that would get your back up. We always tell them if they "Hose it" they buy my time to fix it. If they are renting or leasing then that is different, they get me to do all of it, no matter what. In most of these cases the customers are creating voicmail boxes, Custom Routing, creating hunt groups, etc.. Some of it is pretty mundane and some not. The problem with my company is that we need to come up with a solution that is somewhere in the middle of all this. Given the current economy in Michigan we all are trying to get by.