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Avaya - Lucent Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: 46xxsettings mongo5150 Yesterday at 01:45 PM
What you need to do is allow the default 46xxsettings file. Then edit that. That is not recommended though, as things change in the config that will change the default settings file. For this reason, they created the 46xxspecials.txt file.

An alternate way, would be to add a short code to the users....which addresses the Internal Auto Answer:

l/g 0

(X affects internal calls and Y affects external calls)

With the digit set to “1”, this is normal operation.

With the digit set to “2”, this will give 3 beeps (heard by both parties) and answer the call.

With the digit set to “3”, the agent will get 1 ring cycle, and the call is answered, with the external party not hearing anything…
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Officeserv systems can't dial out. RM SYSTEMS 05/16/21 10:33 AM
Good question. Customer can't break dial tone but didn't think to ask if they hear DTMF tones.
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Outside Wire Construction Jump to new posts
Re: Utility Pole in Everett Massachusetts dexman 05/15/21 02:15 PM
I asked that very same over on Tek-Tips (where I found the picture).

Curlycord said Nepal. ponder
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Samsung Tech Support Biztel Cuban Okie Tech 05/14/21 07:09 PM
My apologies. I didn't see this until today. I have been on a job for a few days. Were you able to get things resolved and programmed correctly?
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: External transfer via auto attendant dougster 05/11/21 11:08 PM
I just thought i would put this in here in case anyone ever would need it. Unlikely.

to do a flash hook (centrex) transfer

in station
prefix 49,
suffix is ,,, (2 or 3 commas)
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Phone Booth Jump to new posts
Re: Bell System Central Office Rotation Silversam 05/10/21 12:27 AM
Why not? In those days we felt we could do anything!

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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: System needs reboot for trunks to work RM SYSTEMS 05/08/21 05:30 PM
Revisiting this issue. Still happening even with 5.03 software. Anyone still getting this. Thanks.
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Avaya - Lucent Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: IP Office 500 V2 crash Mercenary Roadie 05/07/21 11:05 PM
Originally Posted by Touch Tone Tommy
Here's your guide to the LEDs and their meanings:

I found that LED guide, but it doesn't cover the LED sequence that I was seeing.

It turns out the people who had me go out are going to send a different team to do the change out tomorrow.
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Toshiba Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Saying good by to all the rest of my toshiba Carl Navarro 05/07/21 07:05 PM
Can't . It claims that it is a dealers only site and no selling is allowed.
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Random characters on screen pvj 05/07/21 02:27 PM
yes it will work in a 50si
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How to subscribe to get full access. Ruben 05/05/21 09:29 PM
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General Telephone & Systems Information Jump to new posts
Re: A bastardized Quagmire Clusterf...k! Carl Navarro 05/05/21 03:56 PM
I must be sleeping.... To the OP, how did you get involved in this in the first place? As soon as another party tore out your wiring, it becomes their responsibility. If your customer wanted you to fix it, then you should have negotiated rates.

Flash cut comes to mind. The other vendor took ownership the minute he pulled the blocks off the brackets.

Your $10K figure is grand. (10 of them, pun intended) but in a lawsuit, you'll not be fully compensated for labor and they aren't going to be your customer when the dust settles. Get what you can and remember the lesson you learned. GET IT IN WRITING!!!

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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: OS UNI Card Version Question RM SYSTEMS 05/05/21 11:36 AM
Thanks. I have a good memory, just awfully short.
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Nortel Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: MICS caller ID bditech 05/04/21 08:24 PM
Ok thank will try
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NEC Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: SL1100 live event viewing? dans 05/03/21 12:18 PM
By default all extension are not assign any timer class, so the system looks at 24-01 and 02
You set any extension to a class of service in 20-29 and make changes to the class you are using.
Now the system will avoid 24.01 and 02 and look at 20-29.
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NEC Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: SV 8100 9.50 paulw 05/03/21 03:37 AM
Not sure if you've found a solution but have a look in PRG 15.07 and see what type of DSS has been configured. Normal is type 01 is normal which will light up when the phone is lifted but sometimes people use a *03 type DSS which doesn't always light up but is used if they want the DSS to ring. .
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Vertical Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: summit 100 no lines working EV607797 05/02/21 11:27 PM
I'm not a big fan of posts here with no solution shared, so I'll try to elaborate upon what I think happened. First, I believe it's a Summit 80 cabinet. By default, CO lines 5 and 6 are IP channels, meaning that the system generates dial tone for IP networking right out of the box. Next, the CO line connectors are wired like RJ48X jacks for only two lines each. Pins 1/2 are line #1; pins 4/5 are line 2. The same follows for the jack for lines 3 and 4. The system auto detects the presence of CO lines and if there's no battery on them, it won't allow access to them.

Also by default, the initial four lines, plus IP "lines" 5 and 6 are in CO line group 1 for some reason. Right out of the box, the system needs to be programmed so that these lines are placed into a different group. Next, the four copper lines 1-4 need to be connected and programmed into the proper group for access.

What I suspect is that the copper CO line ports were not wired properly (maybe like an RJ14), so access to them wasn't being allowed. When dialing 9, the system always grabs the highest line number, which would have been line 6. This would happen even if the copper lines were wired correctly, but that's another subject. This explains why they were receivng dial tone even with no lines connected yet.
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Inter-Tel Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Business general question hitechcomm 05/01/21 09:33 PM
1st thing you should have done is a scope of work and a sign off by new owner. This is a tough situation, in that they will not be dealing with you down the road, they may not pay you anywhere near what you want.
Because its a emergency to them, does not make it a emergency for you.
I would like to know if you get paid what you ask for.
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NEC Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: SV9100 CP10 8.0 teldata1 04/30/21 03:39 PM
it looks like there's 4 ports on the switch 17-20 that are non POE I will install a power brick to see if it helps


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Website Help & Announcements Jump to new posts
Re: How do I edit my posts? justbill 04/30/21 02:08 PM
That too. agree
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: prompt for "transferring to ext ???" nameless 04/29/21 01:37 PM
Yes, you just need to set the mailbox to announce only.
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Telephones & Systems Photos Jump to new posts
Utility Pole. dexman 04/26/21 01:40 AM
Must have been a late Friday afternoon installation. ponder
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Telecom News Jump to new posts
Re: conEdison Ruben 04/24/21 04:18 PM
All I can say is ConEdison is a electric and gas Utility that serves New York .
As said before they may be prepping for winter or it is just a fleet replacement order.
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Scheduling in DCS 50i dougster 04/24/21 02:38 PM
Thanks so much for that info.
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