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Re: Comdial KSU's to give away RATHER BE FISHING 47 minutes ago
I finally broke down and recycled five 16' trailer loads of Comdial gear a couple of months ago. Crap load of DSU I and 2s, FXIIs, and MP5000s. Hundreds of phones and circuit boards. It kinda hurt to realize what that was all worth years ago. I made a great living selling Comdial and Key Voice from around 1992 to 2010. Funny thought they were mostly gone but just received a request this week for help on a refurb DSU2 and Debut voice mail I sold on here in 2014. Those things just cranked on and on. Really miss those days. Okay not the DX80 and DX120s.

Some hobbyist needs to reach out to Russ and grab some of that gear just to play with.
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Re: Samsung 7400 OAS NO MGI channels Barrontel 2 hours ago
Thanks for the reply,
Samsung says it's still under warranty & gave me an RMA so I'm going to send it in for repair and if it doesn't plug and play I'll go through everything you posted, it basically just up and stopped working, at 1st I couldn't ping it and then after system reset I could but still getting no MGI and nobody was in the programming, the VM is a 20i and I can call it from the IP phone just not digital or Trunks.
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Re: SV9100 as a DHCP Server Coral Tech 3 hours ago
ARP tables. You need to reset the switch and reboot the other devices affected.
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Re: Mitel ex causing havoc with pots lines hitechcomm Yesterday at 11:03 PM
You should post this in the Mitel section. More response there.

Is this a new Mitel system with a SIP card, and your using copper pots lines?
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: SIP error nameless Yesterday at 10:13 PM
I agree with what Tone has said, based on the error message, I never saw any documentation on how-to decode those messages.
We were told it was something for the engineers in Korea

I can't remember if the OS7000 responds to options messages.
I would just disable it on the Grandstream ATA's as they'll be registering, make sure the registration timer isn't high.

I use options message when doing sip trunks/peering on the OS7000 to keep the NAT session open in the router so there are no issues with incoming calls
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Iwatsu Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: UCD station hunt group overflow dest no ring JBean3329 Yesterday at 10:13 PM
I don't think the MSG card is required.

UCD is a little flaky to set up because of the way all the timers in Class 4 interact with things. You need to make sure you have an overflow time set at the very least or the call will never overflow anywhere. It will only overflow to another hunt/UCD group. IIRC software version 8.x made provisions for voicemail to connect with UCD groups as it added a field in VM packet integration fields.
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Re: SL2100 dialing locals always busy Coral Tech Yesterday at 09:41 PM
Do you have auto line select activated?
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Mitel ex causing havoc with pots lines BeenThere Yesterday at 05:24 PM
nstall of mitel ex systems in ems location, using pots lines and there are lots of problems, static, ground hum, not responding to ring and disconnect, strange error tones, (granted these are pots lines that have had known issues but the mitel is making it worse it seems). I found out recently that the analog co board in the mitel is actually a sip gateway ..... what could go wrong there.... If anyone has experience and hopefully a solution please let me know... the town is ready to throw the new mitel out and go back to the old Samsung
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Re: NEC - 9100 - lost LCD adjust and ring volume adj on EXTs Bull Tone Yesterday at 02:09 PM
Update - a system reboot made zero changes all EXTs seem to be stuck on B.G.M. enabled unless they are manually turned off using the COS 1 code 725 to turn it off

Software ver 10.0.5 so my next step is going to be updating the version to latest n greatest (kickng myself that I didnt do it last it says, No one seems to have time to do it right but everyone has time to do it twice! SMH at myself)
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Hosted PBX, VoIP & Asterisk Jump to new posts
Re: Poly IP 330 and surface docking station jsaad Yesterday at 02:17 AM
Phone stays powered on but no communication.
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ESI Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: esi 50 Gary S. Yesterday at 01:41 AM
I thought about that after i left the site, and thank you
Gary S
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Re: SV8100 outbound caller ID Coral Tech 06/29/22 11:54 PM
I would verify you actually can send caller ID. There are 2 places trunk and extension the you also have to enable it in COS.
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General Telephone & Systems Information Jump to new posts
Re: Engenius options JBean3329 06/29/22 11:12 PM
We've had customers balk at the price on the Durafon- they ARE expensive, but after replacing the box-store variety cordless phones enough times, the Durafon looks pretty attractive, 'stylish' or not. Best bet in industrial/rough environments, hands down.
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1A2 and Comkey Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
1A2 PHONES TO GIVE AWAY RUSS K. 06/29/22 07:40 PM
I have some old 1A2 phones and equipment to give away if anyone is interested. Local pickup or I'll UPS them, you pay the shipping.

This is what I have:
2630DA Western Electric 18 button set
565 Western Electric 6 button set
1800 Stromberg-Carlson 6 button set
564 Western Electric 6 button set
VX-41 Comdial Voice express with a 6 button module
2880 ITT 10 button set
101G Western Electric ring power supply
Western Electric 4-line 1A2 KSU with 3 line cards and power supply
832 ITT 10 button speakerphone set with power supply

Anyone wanting any of this before it goes to the junk, send me an e-mail. ([email protected] or [email protected]) Hate to see it leave, but after 48 years, cleaning out my building
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NEC Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: BlueFace SIP & SL2100 Biztel Cuban Okie Tech 06/29/22 03:15 PM
Hmmm... There's got to be something small that's messing you up. I have made the SL2100 work with several different SIP providers. Would you mind providing a copy of the DB to look at to see if you're just missing something?
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NEC DT710 STD Firmware Jackcmann 06/29/22 06:27 AM

I have flashed my NEC DT710 phone with the standard firmware. This phone does not have a display or a menu button.
Does anyone know how i go about gaining access to it to program the sip credentials?
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Re: AA External transfer CLID passthrough Analog R4+Z 06/24/22 01:13 PM
Should also add that analogue trunks can't do this anyway but I believe you can't do it via Sip either! A lot of this also depends on what the carrier allows!
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Telephone Repairs & Equipment Jump to new posts
Re: Viking AR-1 (autoattendant) incompatibility with cellphone gateway Greg Ercolano 06/23/22 11:08 PM
What's interesting is it's a 2500 sending the tones over an analog AT&T line over to a cell phone on AT&T mobile. So I imagine the conversion to a DTMF RTP packet is done by AT&T when it hits the first A-D converter, and travels through the network as that.

What's not clear is if AT&T is picking the DTMF packet off for itself so that the phone never sees it, or if the phone is getting the packet but not converting it back into a tone.

I've opened a thread with AT&T support here:

..waiting to see if that yields a solution.
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Re: sl2100 no audio ip phones Vermont Joe 06/23/22 03:52 PM
As I understand it, the battery only backs up the time and date and Last # redial--- one other non essential thing.
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Re: Reinstalling a Callpilot 100 Curlycord 06/23/22 12:21 PM
I sent you the info.
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It’s official I hate SX-100’s Carl Navarro 06/21/22 08:13 PM
The hasty installation got me. Whoever cut in the trunks did just that! Beanie city. Not console manual and the guy has been here 8 weeks. You want a wake-up? What time? Oh wait, I don’t know how to set the time or set a wake-up however it’s a 64 room property and 32 port gateways are in the pipeline now. More to come

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General Telephone & Systems Information Jump to new posts
Re: 80 year old mom has been defrauded by boyfriend scam mbhydro 06/21/22 06:02 PM
Did you talk to the Delta PD and put in a complaint?

If they think there is a case they can investigate they have the contacts/resources to get call detail information from the security departments of Bell, Telus, Rogers etc. that those providers don't release to the public.

If the call spills across to the US then they will work directly or thru the RCMP to interact with the local PD where this person is.
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Other Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: Cortelco 2500 schematic Professor Shadow 06/21/22 03:42 PM
Something like this?

Cortelco 50-500-105
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Samsung Telephones & Systems Jump to new posts
Re: 5.03 Question mathrap 06/21/22 01:47 AM
Hi Man ,

Could you send me also ?

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Re: SMT-I6000 LostieWitness 06/20/22 01:36 PM
Would I be able to get a download link for this too if possible?
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