I have a 2400 IMS with one T-1 with the signaling being wink start outbound and Immediate start inbound with 4 digits sent in(DP)from the carrier.The carrier has changed there switch from a Nortel DMS to a MetaSwitch,and the MetaSwitch only can have the signaling the same both inbound and outbound.When I changed my incoming signaling to wink start (to match the outbound)in ARTD,I can see the wink start on the trunk via light on the 24DTR card but I never see the register card light up and send the 4 digits.I have tried every setting in ARTD,resetting the T-1 card on every change..etc.The only thing the carrier is doing differently is sending me the digits in DTMF format instead of the DP(Dial Pulse) format.Does the 24DTR card support this?....Thanks for the help..