Hi all, and happy thanksgiving!

I have attempted to expand our DCS, adding another DLI module for 8 stations. I purchased the DLI a few weeks ago used. When I insalled it today, I expected the KSU to autodetect the new stations, but this did not occur. As best I can tell, it is not being "fully" recognized by the KSU. I connected a 24B Keyset to the DLI and the phone would not boot past indicating the version # 1.2. SO... I'm thinking I have incompatible firware in the DLI versus KSU, but can't find any readily available info on the topic. Here's what command 727 returned:
ROM '96.05.15 V2.2
CPM '96.04.24 V2.1
LPM1 '96.04.24 V2.1

What's the best approach to take at this point? Ideas?
Thanks in advance!