Thanks guys, i'm writting down all of your suggestions for when I have to wire this up. As well I've found other articles and specs on the Belden/IDC procedures for wiring BIX, this shouldn't be too bad as I already have most of the tools others have made mention. The telco side of this project consists of wiring the BIX(which we have been discussing) and then terminating 3 wallplates in each room(103 rooms total) where i'm going with this is that the owners have asked what it will cost for this work to be done, i'm not sure as I have not wired and terminated a telco job like this. I have a tech that it should take him the better part of a week to terminate all the rooms and then I will deal with the BIX part. If anyone can help me with an estimate on this it would help me out alot and help for future projects such as this. I am not putting in the PBX(Mitel system) and the electricians have already wired the Hotel with CAT6 in case you are wondering. Sorry for all the questions, just wondering what I may want to charge for this project.

Thanks again.