Funny note:
I sold a reel of outdoor 5e plant cable to a customer of mine as he wanted to link 2 of his buildings which were built 10 years ago.At that time he buried a 1" pvc flexible water pipe 250ft. in length between them. He tried to pull 3 RG59 cables and the 5e,he kept snapping the RG59s and ended up pulling 1 RG59 and 1 cat5e.He had numerous holes dug in lawn{looked like foxholes}to find crushed section and patched with a plumbers rubber boot. I tested the 5e yesterday and total length was 416' which of course is over the 300' network length needed. I don't know how much of a savings water pipe is over regular conduit but he and a couple of guys wasted most of the weekend trying to wire or dig.
PS: The RG59 cable was from China and for indoor use only.John