I have the latest 7.32 firmware installed. 90-17 reports the COIU version is 01.02, I cannot find any updates for these cards, so I assume it has not been updated.
My Aspire-S is setup for 4 CO trunks. We use IntraMail to answer the phones. Users enter the extension they want. But suddenly, IntraMail does not hear the tones. It ignores them, frustrating my callers. If I put an extension phone in place of my Aspire S, I hear the tones just fine. Loud and clear. Is it possible somehow the card got toasted? My provider hooks me to 4 analog trunks off a PRI. About the time he switched from a Copper PRI to Fiber, the problem occurred. I cannot fathom the link between the two... If anyone has a suggestion, let me know. I may have to try to get SIP trunks configured instead, which will be a very big headache... TIA for any insight!