First of all, wind this conversation back to the "hunting" part. I use Grandstreams. Like or the HT818. They are set to hunt by programming and you get a pilot number with x amount of ports. In my service provider, (Ipitomy or Flowroute) they don't care how many ports I have as I pay by the minute for service, or buy some block of minutes. I can have 3, or 10 or 20 calling paths if I have the capacity to handle that many.

As Hal pointed out, a TVS-XX voice mail box works...if you have the right version TD system, it integrates pretty smoothly. I have 3 or 4 of them on the shelf at a price way south of the $110 street price. Even Ebay is littered with TVS boxes for not much money. That gives you the voice mail part and lights the message waiting lamp of the receiver or master phone.

Oh yeah, I saved the TD-1232's, fully carded and at least v5. Tick tock, before they go on Ebay :-)

Anyway, take a close look at the provisioning of the SPA-8000 box. I think it should program similarly to the HT-818.


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