hbiss: Thanks for replying. I understand that you don't have to have Auto Attendant features enabled to utilize voicemail boxes. We have just never used more then one voicemail box and we have really enjoyed features like emailing the .wav of the voicemail and transcribing which of course you cant get with the TVS50. We actually have the TVS50 and it was actually setup with our system at one point and the internal hard drive failed and I was never able to get it set back up. I remember it being a bit of a PITA to setup though. I would love to get it setup correctly again.

Carl: This is a really helpful tip. Perhaps I need to send this Cisco back and get a Grandstream. I consider one when purchasing this. The big question is... How do you have the service provider setup? Does it just ring all the FXO ports at the same time and then the Grandstream takes care of the proper call hunting. Do you also use the a local voicemail solution instead of hosted on in this scenario? At our SIP provider we currently have the main account and then 8 sub accounts and each sub account is hooked up to one of the FXO ports, they all use the main lines minutes by they are able to be configured slightly differently for each line. Should I be doing it this way or should each FXO be set to use the same main account DID credentials?

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