No need for us all here to pile on, now that we realize that the announcement was serious, and wasn't a delayed April Fool's gag by the moderators. We are, after all, gentlemen in an industry that is being invaded by the lower castes. We shall take the high road, is my point.

There are several other fora that cater to the CG's, and if one were to lurk on those, one would find lots of the Cluelesscenti offering their unique slant on telephonic issues, much to the entertainment of real telephonists.

Let's let this endeavor run its course. We can chuckle and snicker simply by peeking in the mail slot on those other fonts of wisdom, where the RJ45 is king and where handsets are ubiquitous.

Arthur P. Bloom
"30 years of faithful service...15 years on hold"