So, I have a customer that is having problems with their carrier. When they make local calls it hands off between carriers and we think they are fighting. My customer asked if there is a some sort of service, even for a fee, where you can call, say an 800#, enter a code, then dial the number you use to. Perhaps kind of like the old calling card situation. Any ideas? TIA
You can still use the 10-10-xxx PIC/CIC. For example, dial 1010288 (AT&T) or 1010222 (MCI/VZN) then the 10-digit number. There are databases of those codes, but those are two off the top of my head. Is this a situation where calls are being misrouted or not completing?
Thanks for this. We are trying a prepaid card to start thanks
It's just seven digits in front of the regularly dialed number. You don't need cards or to set anything up in advance. You could literally just tell someone at the site to try it and get an immediate answer. Good luck!
The ability to use override codes is declining. While RBOC digital switches allow for it, packet switches generally do not.

For example, I am 14 year Verizon Fios subscriber. Up until last year, I could enter override PICs...1010288, 1010222, 1010333, 1010444. During those years I was being serviced by Verizon's local digital switch.

Last year, I upgraded my services. One change was to migrate my voice service from Verizon's local 5E to a packet switch. The packet switch doesn't allow a 7-digit override, 700 test number or ANACs.

Verizon Digital Voice service is all Verizon (local & long distance). I can't speak for AT&T, Consolidated or Frontier.
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