Posted By: eriway Elite 192 with DTP (DTermSeriesE) Phones - 10/30/08 03:29 PM
I just inherited a customer with an Elite 192 (software version 5.3). An out of state dealer sent him replacement phones .... DTP-8D-1.

Somewhere in the back of my mind.... going back 7 years,... I sort of recall that DTU phones will work on the 192 and the IVS2000 PBX, but there was an issue with DTP phones (made for the PBX) being used on the 192.

The problem he is experiencing on the DTP's is that they work just fine for a while, then the handset goes out. The speaker phone works fine and all of the other features seem to work fine..... just the handset goes out.

If I swap the station with a DTU, it works just fine. I tried three Different DTP's and they each show the same problem.

Does anybody know for certain if there is a compatibility issue between the DTP phones and and Elite 192...version 5.3?
Posted By: paulw Re: Elite 192 with DTP (DTermSeriesE) Phones - 10/30/08 04:03 PM
In my part of the world it is the other way. DTU will only work on the KTS systems and the DTP on both KTS and PBX. Bad marketing desision I'm afraid to sell the DTU even if you saved $20. Stopped lots of companies down here upgrading from Elites to PBX systems due to have to buy new fones..
Never had any problems with DTP on the KTS systems..
Posted By: Rickman Re: Elite 192 with DTP (DTermSeriesE) Phones - 11/06/08 09:54 AM
DTU is for the Key and 2000(need a DM card for 2000)Dtp doesn't work well with Key Systems.
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