Posted By: Lee07 can not call from analog stations in sv8300 - 02/13/13 11:53 AM
I have sv8300 configured as follows:
software version R7.
single cpu
equpped with 24 LCs,8 COs, 16 DLCs.

problem is:
all analog extensions can not make calls, they can hear dial tone but the dialed numbers do not go, dial tone does not stop after dialing the first digit
... after making 30 to 40 calls the problem strikes again it last for few minutes and start working... and so on !!!

any comments?
Sounds like your built in DTMF receivers on the cpu are not configured to handle the amount of traffic coming from your analog stations.

Thank you for your reply.
to do that,I set cmd 42>183 to 8 calls.
Any more settings needed for DTMF configration???
more observations on the above issue shows that 32 calls can be completed and then 12 attempts will fail and so on....
calls made by Dterms are not affected and go very well!!!
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