We have been using our NEC DTerm80 for over 20-years now and recently relocated our office. We are unable find the admin password to re-record our main greeting to change our office's address on said greeting. Is there a way to reset this password to access this? Thanks in advance!
Dterm 80 is the phone type, we need the model of the phone system it connects to which in turn will help determine if we can what model voicemail you have.

Any paperwork at all regarding purchase of this system? If not you may try taking pictures of the system with the front cover off, close up of the circuit card on the right side and posting them here.

I know you don't want to hear this but the chances of resetting the passwords is slim to none.

20 years is a long time, its way past time to upgrade.
I figured as much, and I realized my mistake soon after posting this. I will see if I can locate a system model #. Thanks for the reply, I do appreciate it!
Electra Elite IPK is the model if that helps?
Most likely the voicemail system you have is called Elite unless you were sold a 3rd party system.
If it is the Elite NEC installer would have had software on his or her laptop called cosessions, this software is used to configure the voicemail system, you will need to call around your area for NEC dealer or reseller and hope they have a old laptop with this software along with the know-how.

Do you know what mailbox was given admin rights? If so, it can't hurt trying random numbers for passwords. (No limit on number of tries).
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