Posted By: btil VM viewer runs but no ports work (or show) - 11/06/08 12:58 PM
Setting up a used DXP with VM on NT platform. Ran a PBX setup, now all boots up as normal but When VM viewer connects no ports show up. Voice Ports=0 Serial Number and Service mode show as normal. We had connected prior to the PBX setup being run. Have not worked on one of these in many moons. Any thoughts

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Posted By: btil Re: VM viewer runs but no ports work (or show) - 11/06/08 02:39 PM
The key number (serial Number) does show in the vm viewer box, upper right 213...

Everything about the vm viewer is normal other than the center box where port info/status is blank. VMAIL softkey is missing and vm hunt group just cycles through the extension list
Could be multiple issues. Check the status of the Dialogic/Brooktrout service. Run the error log and look for info to help narrow down the problem.
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