I have the VM working just fine. I installed an SMTP server and it sends out email with no problems. Here is where it gets weird. When the email is passed on to the Verizon text messaging what show up on the text is something like, [email protected]
What I would like it to say is Box####@voicemail. Does anyone know how to make this happen?
Thank you for your time.
Email to text gateways can be a little finicky.

I just did some testing... I had success using the AT&T MMS gateway Verizon's is

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You'll need to use the MMS gateway since the voicemail box is trying to send an attachment.

Are you using an Exchange server? I found that creating a rule in Outlook also worked, and this way the user can get the message in Outlook and on their phone.

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The from address is specified on the e-Mail tab of the mailbox. That's where [email protected] is coming from on your system. I set this to a real looking, but fake address ([email protected]) on my system.

See here for more info.

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