Posted By: PC459 Flash Forward - 05/24/13 12:43 AM
Hi new to the forum but I thought Id turn to some other pros for the answer to my dilemma. I have been installing and relocating telephone systems for a very long time in Los Angeles, Many of my customers use Flash Forward, (part of three way calling)a feature of the phone Co to forward a telephone system extension or just an inbound call (dial 3 for department or person) to an off premises phone. Lately I haven’t been able to make this feature work and have to make the phone system do a tandem call on 2 lines (one in one out) to accomplish this instead of a single line with flash forward. It either hangs up after the outside phone rings a couple times or calls back to the telephone system on the same line. Anyone have an answer to flash forward not working anymore
Posted By: Meyery2k Re: Flash Forward - 05/24/13 01:31 AM
Make sure it actually works at the line. Pick up a cheap single line phone with a flash button and make sure you can activate the feature at the demarc. If you cannot, then it must be a SP issue.

If you can then this would point to a timing issue in your equipment. You might have to adjust the flash timer a little bit to get this to work consistently.

If it used to work and then just quit (assuming no relocation or other major change has occurred), my guess would be SP.
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