Posted By: johhz Allworx - 06/29/09 06:13 PM
We can't seem to get the allworx 6x to send an email when a voice message is left in a mail box. Tech support has not been to much help. Has anyone have any in site to getting it to work with dsl service.
Posted By: RonP Re: Allworx - 06/29/09 06:27 PM
Whatever email account you are sending it to could be rejecting it as spam. See if you can find out if that is the case. It will show up somewhere under Maintenance where there is an activity log. Sorry I can't be more specific as I'm just doing this off the top of my head. I had a similar situation a year ago.
Posted By: johhz Re: Allworx - 06/30/09 07:21 PM
We're tryng to send it to a gmail account, so it should go in. I don't believe it is ever leaving the allworx server.
Posted By: JWRacedog Re: Allworx - 07/01/09 03:15 PM
Who did you purchase the 6X from???...they should be able to give you support.

I'll take a look at ours and see if I can find something that you may have missed. Our Allworx tech is on vacation for awhile---it's been a year or so since I've been into I'm a little rusty.
Posted By: JWRacedog Re: Allworx - 07/01/09 06:26 PM
Well---do you have the Message Aliases typed in correctly??
Posted By: johhz Re: Allworx - 07/02/09 06:37 PM
We signed up as a dealer and are going to school in late July. We are just trying to get the email to work. Message alaises? I don't know what that is. Can you explain?
Posted By: JWRacedog Re: Allworx - 07/02/09 06:50 PM
Main Menu---look under Business. There Ya go....!!

Again---who did you purchase the system from? They will give you support.
Posted By: johhz Re: Allworx - 07/03/09 06:44 PM
We have that info in. We're beginning to think it has something to do with us not subscribing to a "smart Host" server. We don't understand why allworx would use something like that. With panasonic, you just put in the info and it works. This may be a road block to us selling the system and becoming a dealer.
Posted By: JWRacedog Re: Allworx - 07/03/09 09:05 PM
We do NOT have SMTP enabled on ours. I don't see any odd settings that we have in ours. It looks like most settings are defaulted and in my workbook, I have notations that indicate to keep things defaulted. All defaults are "standard" industry settings.

Where you are supposed to put the e-mail addresses---I have a note to remember that it is "case sensitive".

You may be right, though, this may not be the system for you. We have been very pleased with all aspects of the system and the support that we have been given. If you are already having frustrating situations then maybe you better back out before you really have some problems.

Who did you purchase the demo kit from?? That's who should be supporting you, since you have no training. If you can't get support from them, you bought from the wrong company.

What level of software are you using?? Have you upgraded to 7.0??

I don't know anything about GMail accounts, but I'm sure that if those accounts pose a problem for any system---the support people would know that immediately. I would think.

We didn't even attempt to put in our system before we had training. After training two techs, we then put our demo system in our office and we were on the phone for many hours with our vendor support and with Allworx. It's a learning process, for sure....for us it would have been too time consuming to install the thing before any training and without support.
Posted By: jcbailey Re: Allworx - 07/06/09 09:31 AM
Just a few thoughts... I have no direct experience with the Allworx system, but I moonlight as a systems administrator...

* Is the box doing the sending on the same IP subnet as your mail server? If not, the mail server may be rejecting the message due to it thinking that the voice mail is actually trying to bounce spam off it (relaying).

* Are you sending on to an internal mail server or external? Either may require SMTP authentication to send messages.

* If you're sending out directly to the recipient's mail server, you *may* be hitting spam filter blocks. This opens another can of worms..

Easiest thing would be to use your internal mail server (if you have one) as a smart host. That way, you can send to an "established" mail server that you know works fine.
Posted By: nec224 Re: Allworx - 07/12/09 04:18 PM
You must must setup a message alias
in the email alias put in the user ID
next field is optional, you use this if you want to send a message to this group, you would use the ID.
next if you want the message light to light on the phone you must add the user as a member then in the next member field put the email address.

This should fix your problem
If not drop me a line
Posted By: johhz Re: Allworx - 07/12/09 06:35 PM
We had (have) all that information in the system. We finally got it working after trying different email servers that we have. Work great now. Thanks for all the suggestions.
Posted By: jasonkeene Re: Allworx - 08/13/09 09:09 AM
I'm also having issues along this line that I can't resolve.
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