I am in the process of installing 200 ICP in a new hotel. I haven't installed any Mitel 200's in hotels. Can anyone here give me some advice setting up console LDN's. I know a lot of guys complain when going behind someone else who didn't set up the consoles in the proper way. Thanks in advance.
Posted By: Dane Re: Setting up Console LDN on 200 ICP - 11/12/08 12:21 PM
Go into form 8 and give each LDN a unique number (I normally use 1002 - 1010 if there are no conflicts) . Give each LDN where you are going to direct calls a label (name) LDN is normally reserved for dial 0 calls and I usually label this as IN HOUSE or INTERNAL . Then in form 19 direct the calls to the appropriate LDNs. If you are using form 14 for trunks then you would want to put the appropriate LDN there for "Day" (I usually send night 1 to a multi-button set at the front desk and night 2 to a cordless (if they have one at the front desk) this can change if they are using the embedded auto-attendant.

Just one other thing if you have not set one of these up before. In order for the VM to work properly Dial 0 in form 19 has to go to the same LDN for Day, Night 1, and Night 2. If you need dial 0 to go to different places for those services for the extensions then put priority dial 0 in their COS (option 239) and route appropriately in form 19
Posted By: fifty5footer Re: Setting up Console LDN on 200 ICP - 11/12/08 12:48 PM
Couldn't have said it any better!!!
All of the features used to handle calls at the console are based on the LDN keys, not the ext. number of the console!!!
The ext. number of the console is only referenced in smdr!
Posted By: daniel0581 Re: Setting up Console LDN on 200 ICP - 11/16/08 07:36 PM
Can someone explain the difference between dial 0 and priority dial 0.

Posted By: daniel0581 Re: Setting up Console LDN on 200 ICP - 11/16/08 07:37 PM
Sry for the double post there.

Posted By: vad60 Re: Setting up Console LDN on 200 ICP - 11/17/08 04:43 AM
If 2 different Tenants will dial 0 at exactly the same time the first call to Console will arrive from the Tenant with that feature assigned in form 19. If you have single Tenant then "Priority Dial 0" assigned in case of Operator's Console so often busy but client would like to have additional answering point for Internal or External Dial 0 calls.
Posted By: Dane Re: Setting up Console LDN on 200 ICP - 11/17/08 06:58 AM
Daniel, in form 2 you will assign an access code for attendant access (most people will use 0). IF you enable option 239 (priority dial 0)in ANY COS that will take precedence and route to the Priority dial 0 routing you have set up in form 19 (Call rerouting) That allows you to assign dial 0 per tenant as opposed to system wide. As I said with the embedded VM in 200ICP you MUST assign Day, Night 1, and Night 2 to the same location for dial 0 for the VM to work properly. So, if you want Day to go to console and Night 1 and 2 to go to different places you must use priority dial 0 to make that happen. Also, as VAD said you can use if for tenants sharing the same PBX to each have a different operator answer point. Another example - in a full service hotel I used it to route concierge level rooms dialing 0 to a separate button on the console so attendants would know it was coming from the concierge level and answer calls appropriately. It gives you a lot of flexibility once you get the hang of it. Hope that helps
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