Posted By: MattW and Mitel 3300 and SIP Trunking - 11/30/08 09:56 PM
Anyone have any experience or comments about I'm thinking about chunking the PRIs at each location for a SIP trunking solution. I can't seem to find much about how faxing works over this - just several old posts about t.38 not being supported - but in their future plans. The $30/trunk all inclusive plan sounds to good to pass, and will save me about $4k month to provide the same capacity over SIP that I have now with PRI's. Anybody with their coverage, cheaper? Better?
I did an install for a customer about a month ago with and a 3300 MXe. There were a few headaches, one which is still ongoing. I know mitel is now supporting the t.38 protocol as of the latest software release. The customer I dealt with decided to leave thier faxes outside the system, though they do have a postage meter that has been giving them a few issues since moving off the PRI. When you look at the mitel SIP interop form, you will see that you can implement the trunks 3 different ways...using an Ingate Siperator, and Edgemarc 4xxx or 5xxx or using the WAN port. We found out (the hard way) that you cannot use the WAN port of the 3300 to do this. We ended up getting an edgemarc 4500 though be careful as that device is only capable of supporting up to 30 trunks. So shortly after we upgraded to the edgemarc 5300 LF which supports 300 trunks.

We have found telephone numbers that we cannot dial but helped point it back to the Mitel. The 9.0 UR2 is supposed to ix a lot of this stuff so we'll see what happens.

I wasnt to pleased with the support process (here's your ticket number...well call you back later). But there is a guy that I dealt with on every call named Courtney who really know his SIP well.

All in all the customer is pretty happy with what they have.
to elaborate more on the issue I was talking about

Based on the troubleshooting we have performed it appears the Mitel is requesting early media be sent to the phone During the 183, the media is correctly being sent out Edgewater interface to Appears to be a configuration issue on Mitel not receiving SDP Early Media correctly.
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