Posted By: QCIAthol Not familiar with Nitsuko - 12/08/08 09:22 AM
Pardon my ignorance, but can someone answer a few questions for me?

I am replacing a Nitsuko DTS system, with two modules - one is a 4 CO Line with RJ inputs, and a "12 SCU" module with amphenol connector. My question is, what gender is the amphenol connector of the unit, and what type of station connector is required (2 wire or 4 wire)? Also, is this a digital or an analog system?

Any advise or help would be appreciated.
Posted By: QCIAthol Re: Not familiar with Nitsuko - 12/09/08 02:18 PM
No one knows? Analog or digital?
Posted By: skip555 Re: Not familiar with Nitsuko - 12/09/08 02:23 PM
well , DTS =(digital telephone system )

From your description I suspect its a DS01 or Onyx , either one requires two pair for stations

I don't recall the gender of the AMP
Posted By: Chris Hunger Re: Not familiar with Nitsuko - 12/12/08 05:56 PM
You will need a female amphenol as the connector on the 12SCU card is male.

Each station requires 2 pairs (4 wires), as far as I know it is a digital system.

I hope that helps.

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