Posted By: thesideshowbob calls not ringing to Ucd Queue - 11/13/08 11:48 PM
This is a tda200 with PRI isdn. Calls are received at reception and transfer to a UCD group with 4 phones.
This has been working fine until a few weeks ago. I tested on arrival and calls did disappear call did not ring at phones.

I removed extra extns which where not plugged in and tested worked fine. Got a call early this week still happening cust reset box but still happening today have upgrade to ver3.

any idea why this is happening this has been working for well years just fine??
Posted By: OBT Re: calls not ringing to Ucd Queue - 11/14/08 01:37 AM
make sure the members of UCD group have not logged out by mistake
using *7360 logout
*7361 logs back in
Posted By: thesideshowbob Re: calls not ringing to Ucd Queue - 11/14/08 11:46 AM
All the phones have log in/ log out buttons which on the dss did not show up so I put some DND buttons on the phones
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