Posted By: greif How to have easy remote softphone? - 01/20/13 03:03 AM
I see that KX-NCS 8102 IP softphone module seems to be aimed at travelers and talks about connecting with available WIFI and lan connections..... so it would seem to not need a router, hardware vpn and special hardware ip addresses.

Is that correct?

I think I need software vpn on the remote laptop
(or is this included with the softphone?

What kind of vpn/router is required on the main site end? (this is on a KX NCP1000 system.)


Posted By: Toner Re: How to have easy remote softphone? - 01/21/13 05:47 PM
Any client->server VPN connection on the laptop should work. Normally a company's existing IT guy would set this up.

Windows has VPN client capability built-in, but some routers such as the Cisco RV042 have a special (free) proprietary VPN client you have to use.

The VPN connection has nothing to do with the softphone; once it's established the softphone will simply talk to the private IP's of the PBX.
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