Just installed a CICS. Tried to put an analog conf phone on the I-ATA. All checks out ok. Final test - call the phone. Phone doesn't ring, but if I pick the phone up I can answer the call.
Check it out and it all works ok except it will not ring the phone.
Call my distributor and he sends me another CICS.
Test it on my bench - No ring.
I have an used CICS around. Put it next to the new one and just move the amphenol cables over.
Works just fine.
That is two new CICS that won't ring the analog phone.

Just giving you a heads up to check out the I-ATA when you install one. Either bad luck with two units, or maybe Nortel has a bad batch of CICS's.(??) Find out now when you install it and its under warranty, then to find out later when the customer wants a Conf phone after the warranty is up.
Anyone else see this problem?? Maybe I just have the bad luck......twice.

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