Electra Elite IPK with PRI.

We have 28 analog ports on Station numbers 250-277 that are used to support a dictation server.

On our PRI, we have DID digit conversion (1-1-22) setup to route the incoming DID calls to a pilot station number. Most of the stations numbers hunt to another station number. For instance, one DID number (555-1212) routes to 250, if busy to 251, if busy to 252, etc.

I need to change one of these hunt groups and reduce the number of stations in the group from 13 to 5 and create a new group with 8 stations in the group. I already have the DID conversation table set to point the new DID incoming call to the pilot station. That is working fine.

The problem is, I don't know where the groups are defined and where the forwarding is setup. Could someone please point me in the right direction? It does not appear to be setup using ACD/UCD, but maybe I'm looking in the wrong place. If someone could point me in the right direction, that would be a huge help.

Thanks so much!