I took out another (old) MIF-A card, but just for kicks, I unseated the original card and reslotted it. Now it works..... sort of.

Additional background: Calls come in to the voice mail auto attendant, where a greeting is played, then the caller is transferred out of the voice mail to ACD group 1. This works ok. Group 1 attendant transfers the callers to either group 2 or group 3.

If a call goes to a group where there are three agents, agents 1 and 2 are on the phone, and agent 3 decided to leave her desk, but did not put her phone in "break" mode, the call rings, then the call "recalls" back to the voice mail auto attandant where it cycles back to the receptionist at group 1.

I believe the call should stay in the queue of the proper group, then ring the next phone when it becomes available.

One additional item. Before the power outage, the receptionist had a button on her DSS console for one-touch transfer to either ACD group. Since the ACD pilots are not CAR key assignments, nor Tel assignments, I cannot figure out how the button was assigned to the console.

Any thoughts?

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