We have a Comdial PBX system and a KeyVoice VMail system. One of the routing boxes in the Vmail system routes some of its options incorrectly.

The routing box contains 8 transfer entries. All entries ring the requested station when the transfer is made. Five of the entries transfer to voicemail if the party does not answer. Three of them route to our switchboard (operator) instead of transfering to voicemail if the party does not answer.

The routing box appears to be set up the same as others that work. I tried re-creating the routing box with the same results.

In VMMI, the stations are set up identically (with the obvious exceptions of fields that need to be unique).

I have checked the trans.txt and can find no entries for these extensions.

Directly transfering to the extensions (not through the routing box) works correctly.

In voicemail viewer I can see the incorrect transfers happening and they appear in the voicemail log.

Here are the results in the voicemail log:

Works Correctly:
" 1","I","11-19-2008"," 5:40:21","11-19-2008"," 5:40:48"," 2153","Xfr complete"," "," 801"," 809","2153"," "," "," "," "," "," "," "
Transfers to Operator:
" 2","I","11-19-2008"," 5:41:17","11-19-2008"," 5:42:13"," 2600","Xfr complete"," "," 801"," 809","2608"," 888"," "," "," "," "," "," "

Any help on why this is happening would be greatly appreciated.